Same Day Dentistry Visit to Pull a Tooth

Posted on: March 15, 2021

Same Day Dentistry Seattle, WA

Same day dentistry is a popular way to get dental care done quickly. One procedure that is often performed in a same day dentistry setting is a tooth extraction. 

Having a tooth pulled is not considered enjoyable, but it is often necessary in order to ensure good health in the oral cavity. Traditionally, patients visit the dentist for an examination and then return to have the tooth extracted. However, some individuals do not have the availability to wait. Additionally, the tooth may be causing problems, such as pain or looseness. Thankfully, with same day dentistry, patients can visit the dentist for a diagnosis and have the tooth pulled the same day. 

Getting same day dentistry care when needing a tooth pulled

Below is an overview of how same day dentistry can be used to pull a tooth that is in bad shape. When in need of a quick tooth extraction, it can be helpful to review the following information.

What is same day dentistry?

Same day dentistry is exactly as it sounds! Individuals visit the dentist for a consultation, diagnosis and treatment all in one trip. Popular same day dentistry appointments include the following:


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  • Dental fillings to repair small cavities
  • Composite bonding to repair chips, cracks and stains
  • Extraction for teeth that are in bad shape
  • Loose teeth treatment 
  • Gum disease cleanings

Pulling a tooth

Pulling a tooth during a same day dentistry visit may be necessary if the tooth is in bad shape. Typically, patients needing a tooth extraction will visit the dentist due to pain, looseness or other signs, such as discoloration or numbness. If the tooth is extremely infected or decayed, then the dentist may recommend a same day extraction right then and there. The tooth extraction can alleviate any pain and can restore the health of the oral cavity, which is often lost when a tooth is in bad shape. 

Other things to note

It is important to understand that same day dentistry does require patience. While the consultation, diagnosis and treatment can all be done in one appointment, there may be periods of waiting because it can take time to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients undergoing same day dentistry should expect a lengthy appointment. 

Same day dentistry can be beneficial for patients who are in need of urgent dental care, such as for tooth pain or an injury. Additionally, it can be a great resource for those who have busier schedules, making it difficult to maintain multiple dental appointments. 

Learn more about same day dentistry for tooth extraction

When needing a tooth pulled, it can be helpful to consult directly with a same day dentistry professional. An examination can be done to determine what the problem is, which will then dictate the appropriate course of action. To find out more, reach out today! Questions and concerns can be addressed, and an appointment can be booked right away. 

Request an appointment here: or call Dr. Guy F. Roberts, DDS, PLLC at (206) 324-9877 for an appointment in our Seattle office. 

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